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  7 reasons why red meat is good for you

1. Research indicates that if our ancestors had not eaten red meat, the human brain would be a quarter of its current size ! During human evolution, adaptating to red meat and the proteins and fats that it provides is considered one of the main reasons for the rapid growth in our intelligence and brain capacity. Without meat we would still live in trees and eat bananas.

2. In areas where people live the longest, the diet is almost exclusively based on meat and dairy products.

3. Proteins in beef and lamb offer sufficient nutrients for our body, ensures strong muscles and hormones.

4. Red meat is an excellent source of essential minerals like zinc, iron and magnesium. In meat, these minerals can be found in a form that is easier for the human body to dissolve when we compare this  to minerals you will find  in cereals.

5. Vitamin B12, which can only be obtained from animal sources and is abundant in beef, is crucial for a healthy nervous system and circulatory system. A deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to severe anemia.

6. The carnitine in red meat is essential for a balanced and stable functioning of the heart.

7. Beef and lamb are rich in linoleic acid as an antioxidant and helps fight viruses and other germs. The Department of Food Science, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia concludes: "Lean meat is a healthy and beneficial component of any well-balanced diet as long as it is fat trimmed and Consumed as part of a varied diet."



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